The Biggest SEO Meet Ever In India To Be Held In Delhi

Indian youth is as captivated by the Internet as the rest of their ilk from around the world. A significant number has also turned to the net for earning their living doing things like programming, which we Indians excel at, blogging again cool for us since English is our forte, and of course, Search Engine Optimization since we are a brainy, improvisational and hardworking lot.

Okay, now after that patriotic prelude we come to the crux of this post. will see the top SEOs from India congregate in Delhi for a one-day symposium on SEO and basically all things Internet. This meet is a follow-up on the SEO meet which was held in June 2006 and was a runaway success. It was attended mainly by the Indian contingent of Digital Point Forums. The SEO meet is going to be big not just because of its scale but also because it will be graced by the presence of many heavyweights from the world of SEO.

These are Andy Hagans , Rich McIver and Brian Thibault (and many more to come).

Andy is the link building whiz kid or at least he was when he started off, now he’s a guru imparting wisdom on how to get links organically by treading the straight and narrow. Often for free or may be a link or two. He has pioneered the concept of news blogs that have turned into such a successful business idea for so many of us. His inputs on link building cut through the clutter and are guaranteed to TCB – take care of your business! Rich McIver is a master at being a successful jack of many trades, including being a law student, a programmer, blogger, an SEO nuts and bolts man who does the actual work and is more tuned into it than many theoreticians on SEO, and he manages a clutch of blogs for biznatch media. Brian Thibault carries some “silly notions” as he puts is about Internet marketing. His forte is Usability and Search Engine Marketing. Getting links serves its purpose only when you are able to extract maximum performance from your site and that is what Usability teaches us. Brian will bring his expertise and experience on these subjects to the Delhi conference.

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