Local SEO Google Understand Geography Pretty Well

I have been working on an SEO project lately, in the B2C field. The website is brand new so we expect it to take some time before it starts ranking. However, since they work in a very interesting and rather unique niche I have hopes that the site will start ranking rather fast. What made my day today is me browsing around inside Google Analytics, specifically the acquisition category since I wanted to see where do visitors come from in this early stage and what are they searching for. Luckily I got some interesting queries besides the “not provided”. One of them was what really caught my attention.

I’m only guessing that the person who searched for it was looking for a competitor, but our site appeared on the first page even though the city of the original query is not the one that is on our site. To explain a bit further, the original search was for “aaa bbb ccc oia” (Oia is an area in the greek island of Santorini) but our webpage turned up since it includes the word Santorini as well as two of the keywords that person used in his/her search. And Santorini was highlighted in the title tag and the snippet text, as if it was one of the actual keywords. Google of course is smart enough to understand that we are talking about the same area even though it doesn’t include the exact word.

Yes, thank you captain you might say.

Hehe, well, I’m merely documenting the results and reactions from Google. Hopefully it might help some of you in your SEO work as well. In conclusion this is a very unique niche but there is competition of course, so this is only but a positive signal in terms of SEO. Share me Share on Facebook Share on LinkedInPin on Pinterest Tweet about this on Twitter Share on Stumble Upon Share on Google+Email this to someone. Xanthi Syrakou has a degree in Business administration, an MSc in E-Commerce, and is working with SEO and Website development. Originally from Greece, she lives and works in Sweden for the past 5 years. Connect with her: Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn.

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