Pittsburgh SEO Company Eyeflow Facts

Eyeflow is an SEO company that was created by Phil Laboon in. Phil has been involved in the SEO industry for several years and after seeing what other Pittsburgh SEO companies where passing off as “ethical SEO solutions” Phil decided to start a company that focused on organic optimization that didn’t violate major search engine’s terms and conditions. Now several years later Eyeflow is one of the largest SEO companies in Pittsburgh providing SEO to not only to clients but to Pittsburgh based web design and traditional marketing companies. For more information on Eyeflow or if you have a SEO project you need done you can give us a call or email anytime. Our staff lives and breaths SEO and we’ll talk your ear off if you give us the chance!

Why Eyeflow over other Pittsburgh SEO Companies?

Cost: Although Eyeflow is not a bargain bin SEO company it’s prices are designed to accommodate both small and large companies. Eyeflow focuses on the ROI campaign and always strives to make the company it’s optimizing for more money than they paid for the SEO services.

Ethical SEO: When you choose Eyeflow for your SEO Company you don’t need to worry about the use of unethical or black hat SEO tactics. Eyeflow only uses search engine friendly tactics that do not violate any Google terms and conditions.

History: Eyeflow has been offering Effective SEO services since and is growing every year. Eyeflow has a large portfolio and has retained several of its original clients since opening its doors in.

Research and Development: For every hour of work that goes into your SEO package, 3 go into researching and developing the techniques used in it. Eyeflow is dedicated to continually growing and developing new effective SEO strategies while sticking with its core values of providing high impact low cost optimization.

Fact: Eyeflow has been providing backend SEO to Pittsburgh marketing and web design companies for since day one. That’s right; they do all the link building, article submissions, press release syndications, and bulk directory submissions as a silent third party.

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