Search Keywords Heart Of Seo

Web Site Promotion begins and ends with keywords. The Internet is like a huge river of information and business activity, and web site promotion is like fishing. If you want to fish successfully in the huge river called the Internet and catch lots of fish, you want to maximize your chances by having a good fishing pole, good bait, as well as good fishing knowledge, and technique.

Most people on the Internet know they are at a huge river where there are plenty of fish, but they are not using a good fishing pole, their bait is stale, and they lack the proper knowledge and experience of fishing to succeed. Some of them take years to finely tune their skill and knowledge, and to develop the right tools and techniques to become successful. Others give up along the way, and some, who are part of the vast majority, just continue on the path of little success year after year. To which group do you belong ?

I am not talking about the affiliate marketers who promise you an instant life of luxury. If you just buy their $ 47.00 report, they will reveal all to you, and you can spend everyday at the beach and make millions. This is patently false, and it is a total misrepresentation of Internet business. Why are these marketers still lurking around on the Internet? It is because there are still too many people who buy into the myth that there is a magic push button solution to wealth on the Internet. If you see a big mansion, a luxury car, or a yacht on a web site, quickly close your browser. You would have a better chance of winning the lottery than making money with them. There is another group I forgot to mention. There are those who are fortunate enough to have found mentors that have been successful themselves, and are willing to teach others how to succeed.

The kind of person who can teach others how to do Web Site Promotion, is indeed rare. If you are lucky to be in this type of group, you are among the most fortunate of Internet marketers. You can literally save months and years of effort with the assistance of a good trainer. You will learn what type of fishing pole to use, the correct bait, and how to use all of the tools, and the proper technique to land lots of fish. Doesn’t that make sense? Anyone who tells you that all you need to be successful is buy their report, or purchase their piece of software, is no different than the traveling snake oil salesman of the old Wild West. (see picture above) Don’t get suckered by the Clark Stanley’s of the Internet. You know why he never worked the same town twice, don’t you ? Keywords in web site promotion are like the bait in fishing. Without the right bait, or the right lure, you are simply not going to catch fish right ? You may have a beautifully designed web site, a carefully thought out sales process, and great products or services, but without fishing using the right keywords, your success will always be limited.

This is because, if you are able to harness some of the traffic from the huge river of the Internet, you will always find lots of fish. This is not something you can buy with a big billboard, or a catchy prime time TV ad, even if you had the desire and the resources to use in that way. The Internet is a much more level playing field than traditional advertising. The way you catch fish on the Internet is through search engine optimization. It is no more difficult to learn the techniques of search engine optimization, than it is to build a beautiful web site, design a great sales process, or build great products and services. It is teachable, and it can be done by anyone who is willing to take the time to study, practice, and learn. The first step to good web site promotion is to understand keywords. I’m sure you know what your product or service is, but are you using keywords in any of your promotional efforts to attract search engine traffic?

Even more importantly, do you know how much traffic is currently generated for your keywords on the Internet on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis ? Are you sure you have found the best combination of keywords that can generate the highest levels of traffic for your web site, and that you are using them in the most effective manner ? Effective use of good keywords is one aspect of search engine optimization that is a key to good web site promotion. Lack of any search engine optimization effort at all, is one of the main reasons why most people starting out on the Internet have such a hard time to find success. Good search engine optimization can be the difference between mediocre results and outstanding success. Please use all of the resources you find on this site to boost your web site promotion, and learn about the fascinating world of search engine optimization.

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