Use Copy Blogger Methods For Your Web Site Promotion

I read a post today that I think every Internet marketer should read to better understand web site promotion. This post is a classic example of savvy Internet marketing, circa 2016. Why is it significant ? It is a rather simple article that explains how to use a basic promotional idea on a blog, to create momentum and a expand a small sphere of influence into a larger one.

What is remarkable is that the idea is so simple, but the method is ingenious because it follows top shelf linking strategy. This method was used to generate not only traffic but organic links that follow the principles of link bait (don’t like that name), plus viral content creation, and it uses blogging that engages the blogosphere. These are two strategies that were at the top of most preferred link strategies in a recent survey mentioned in a previous post on this blog.

This post works well for at least three good reasons.

1) Authority site reference – It links to an authority site that is essentially a video about viral content creation using social media.

2) Author testimony – The same strategy was used by the author, so his content is tightly linked to the authority site. At the same time it serves as a practical example or author testimony.

3) Education for novices – It encourages visitors to employ the same methods as the author, to create viral interest, further tightening the content thread between the three interests, the authority site, the author’s content, and the interest of the audience. In this respect it is also an educational post.

This really is a masterful job of content creation. At the most basic level it is simply spin on previously created content, but it is done with originality, and tightly integrated content. It describes state-of-the-art promotional methods, and uses them at the same time. This is a post that is worthy of close study. Consider also, that is has inspired this writer to comment on it, write a post about it, link to it, and spotlight it as wise content-rich blogging. This post is a further example of the effectiveness of the author’s inspired marketing methods.

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