Use Google Wonder Wheel

The Google Wonder wheel can not only suggest ideas for your next US web site promotion, it can assist with search keywords selection. If you look at any Google search results page, there is a small line above the sponsored links box, (in the upper left hand corner), that says, Web +Show options. If you click on show options, a left hand panel appears with some very interesting options. There is an All results list that is similar to the More with the arrow feature that lists options to search for.

Videos, News, Blogs, Books, and Forums.

You can do a time sensitive search for a date range or specific recent results. The section that follows called standard view is the main focus of this post. There are three options under standard view. Related searches, Wonder Wheel, and lastly Timeline. Let’s look at them, and see what each one does. The related searches shows a list of other types of keyword similar to your search keywords.
This is what comes up in a search for web site promotion.

Related searches for web site promotion:

  • Website optimization
  • Open directory project
  • Free website submission
  • Free search engine submission
  • Free website advertising
  • Web site promotion software
  • Web site promotion services
  • Web site promotion tools
  • Journal of web site promotion
  • Web site promotion mumbai
  • Fee website promotion
  • Web hosting
  • Seo
  • Google analytics
  • All web promotion
  • Web site marketing
  • Web design
  • Ecommerce
  • Odp

These are all related search terms that may not be similar to your search keywords, yet Google knows that these searches are often performed together with your keywords. Wonder wheel, the second option under standard view is perhaps the most interesting of the three options. For web site promotion, the following interrelated search keywords form the ends of the spokes of the wheel. search engine optimization service, free search engine submission, search engine optimization, free website advertising, web page promotion, web site development, internet site promotions, and web site home page design. Curiously, there is some overlap between the Wonder wheel keywords and the related searches list. but no exact duplication of keywords. The Wonder wheel allows you to drill down, and get a new related wheel of related terms, so it kind of like spider weaving multiple interrelated webs.

This is hierarchy of related terms. The last wheel is the lowest in terms of search volume, and the first one the highest. The third and last option under Standard view is the Timeline. This is a quick view of the long term trend for a specific keyword phrase. If you plan on promoting specific keywords for a long period of time, you might be interested to know the long term trend associated with your keywords. Is popularity fading or increasing over the last few years? These are tools that are not just interesting in and of themselves, but can be used to find topics for blog posts, and to enhance search keywords and keyword research for US web site promotion.

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