Write Effective Blog Posts

How do you write better blog posts that will be seen, for your US web site promotion? Most bloggers are aware that a hosted WordPress blog is one of the best platforms to use for US web site promotions. This article emphasizes three critical factors in writing effective promotional blog posts. If there is any single secret, it is the secret of good quality content writing. You don’t have to posses Pulitzer Prize winning writing style, but you do have to write content that is useful, worthwhile, and beneficial to your readers.

If the content is useful and interesting, you will attract subscribers. In order to gain top search engine position, your blog needs not only unique and worthwhile content, you will need to add fresh content on a regular basis. It is a stark truth that if your blog is only updated once a month, it will probably be difficult to gain any significant search engine positions, and your US web site promotion will probably fall short of your goals. Ideally a blog should be updated once a day, but for individual entrepreneurs, that can be a daunting challenge. It will certainly boost your web site promotion if you can blog more or less once a day for the first thirty days after you start your blog.

Once you have 20-30 posts on your blog, if you can continue to post once a day, that would be very beneficial, but even if you are only able to post several times a week, that will be very good for your web site promotion as well. You will find over time that your blog will have gained some credibility on the search engines. If you monitor the search engine positions of posts you have written for your primary keywords, you will find that it may no longer be your most recent post that gains search engine position. In this way, some of your posts will gain traction and maintain their search engine position for a period of days and even weeks.

Consistency is the key here. Post on whatever schedule your time allows, but above all be consistent. If you use a plug in such as Google XML Sitemaps, you can indicate how often you want your site to be visited by the search engines. When you set this plugin, the goal should be to make sure you have updated content whenever the search engines visit your site. If you post daily on a regular basis, then set the plugin to tell the search engines to visit every day. If you post several times a week, (more likely), then set the plugin for a weekly visit.

The search engine robots may visit more often if you are posting every few days, but certainly a once a week visit will assure that there will be fresh content waiting each time the robots visit. The robots will make their own visit schedule regardless of the schedule you tell the search engines, but their visit frequency will depend on how often they find fresh content. As long as you post consistently, you will be visited by the search engines on a regular basis.

After good content, the next most important criteria in web site promotion is to have a well crafted title tag. Not only is the post title seen by your readers in your search results, it is one of the most important pieces of information the search engines will use to index your site. You will always gain good results by mentioning your keywords prominently in your title. You will also want your blog title to be consistent with your keywords. Experimentation will reveal the best order of keywords, blog post title and secondary keywords, or other phrases will reveal the most effective type of title.

Oh, and don’ t forget that it is not wise to allow your title to exceed a total of 70 characters. Your title risks cut off, if you do not observe this length rule. This appears to be the limit for Google, so it is a good recommendation to follow. Web site promotion benefits most from quality content that informs the reader with useful information that benefits them and their interests. Hosted WordPress blogs are high on the list of preferred platforms. Fresh content is also very important for blogs. Consistent posting will produce consistent web site promotion results. A well-written title tag, with relevant keywords, limited to 70 characters will also boost web site promotion effectiveness.

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