Web Site Promotion

What can Google do to protect legitimate US web site promotion and limit the dilution of content by Content Farms First of all, what are content farms? They are sites that attempt to make money by paying as little as possible to content creators for answers to questions most often asked on the Internet. They are monetized by on-site advertising. The whole content creation engine is driven by algorithms that strive to only create content that is highly rated by search engines, and answers questions that are searched by large numbers of users.

A prime example of this kind of content farm is Demand Media. It is claimed that Demand Media creates over 4,000 pieces of content each day. In order for writers and content creators to make money for their activity, they need to produce at a very rapid rate, and it is claimed that this emphasis results in large amounts of very low quality writing. This devalues US web site promotion according to a number of blog writers and editors of Internet content.

Online marketing web page copywriting becomes a kind of boilerplate content regurgitation activity, and not a search for high quality writing or high quality content. An article at Read Write Web offers 10 possible solutions, each with a link to a reference article. This is a major challenge for all writers and for Google. Freshness of content and numbers of links are something that can be calculated quite easily, but content quality requires much more discerning and sophisticated algorithms. An additional article by Wired Magazine attempts to shed light on the problem.

As writers and content creators, the best thing we can do for our readers is to create the best possible content-rich information, and most useful and beneficial writing we possibly can. We may not be able to compete on answers to quick and simple questions because of the content farms. As readers become more sophisticated in their queries and as Google’s search engine becomes more sophisticated in their search engine algorithms, search engine users will be able to find, and value quality, original content.

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